Tire Basics

What's the right tire for you?

Glossary of Terms

What's the TPMS light and
what should you do about it?

Checking Your Tire Pressure

What's the right tire for you?

Choosing the best tire for your vehicle doesn't have to be a chore.

  1. Start with the vehicle you drive.
    Do you drive a luxury sedan, an off-road truck, an energy-efficient compact, an electric vehicle, an SUV or CUV, or even a sporty convertible? What you drive can make a big difference when it comes to finding just the right tire.
  2. Consider where you drive most with your vehicle – the conditions, surfaces or terrain your vehicle is most commonly driven.
    Stop-and-go traffic, long distances on highways, or rough roads and surfaces? The types of road surfaces you encounter most regularly give you a good place to start.
  3. Determine if you could benefit from a special-use tire.
    Heading for some off-roading, cutting a new path through heavy snow, or heading to the track for a little competition? Sometimes the special use case needs to be the deciding factor.

What's the best Achilles tire for you?

A smart all-season tire that delivers a smooth,
comfortable and quiet ride

An ultra-high-performance tire that balances
stability with outstanding grip

All-terrain tire providing smooth performance on paved roads and excellent grip for off-road adventures

Highway all-season tire giving drivers sport-like handling and high stability in almost any road condition

Commercial all-terrain traction that takes aggressive to the next level with max-off-road performance