Achilles Desert Hawk AT3

All-Terrain Tire

The next-gen Desert Hawk AT3 provides smooth performance on paved roads and excellent grip on off-road adventures. Its large, staggered central blocks enhance driving stability, while high-density serrated sipes boost traction on dirt and gravel surfaces. Self-cleaning stone ejectors on the shoulder block clear debris from the contact patch, optimizing traction while preventing tread damage. Rated for mud, snow (M+S) and inclement winter conditions, the Desert Hawk AT3 empowers everyday commuters and weekend warriors alike.

Warranty: 55,000 Miles / 88,000 Kilometers

Features and Benefits

On-Road Performance & Off-Road Traction

Drive on the road and off it,
with a true all-terrain tread
pattern and rubber compound.

Self-Cleaning Design

Stone ejectors and large voids
in the shoulder blocks help keep the
contact patch free of rocks and debris.